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Financial Assistance Program

Sporting Nebraska FC Financial Assistance Program


As a non-profit, full service youth soccer club, Sporting Nebraska FC strives to provide an affordable and competitive experience for all Sporting Nebraska FC members.  Financial Assistance is provided on a first come, first serve basis, based upon financial need of the family.  The financial assistance is awarded on an annual basis, from July 1-June 30th.  The amount of financial assistance funds available is finite and based upon the budget of Sporting Nebraska FC. 


Financial assistance applications are reviewed by the Finance Committee, which consists of Sporting Nebraska FC board members.  Information submitted is confidential and is used for the sole purpose of determining eligibility for financial assistance.   


Financial assistance awarded is only for registration with Sporting Nebraska FC per NSSA policies.  The team fees that may be incurred are the responsibility of the family.  Additionally, Sporting Nebraska FC provides an installment payment plan for all families.  This information is available upon registration of your child. 


The #IMPACT of financial assistance allows children to participation in soccer while developing a lifelong passion for the game. In the past two years, Sporting Nebraska FC has awarded over $32,000 in financial assistance to children in all of our programs.

Please contact the SNFC office if you are inquiring about financial assistance: 402-896-4420

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