The Soccer Mind:

Cognitive Skill Development for Player Success

The Soccer Mind—Cognitive Skill Development for Player Success


Many youth soccer clubs focus solely on three out of the five pillars of our sport, technical, tactical and physical, often ignoring or neglecting the remaining two, emotional and psychological. Sporting Omaha FC is proud to offer a unique and professional program to coincide with our player development philosophy that addresses these important soccer pillars!  The Soccer Mind, led by Dr. Jack Stark, international renown performance psychologist, will provide psychological and performance enhancement training for our athletes, coaches and parents.


Through the course of the year Dr. Stark, select guest speakers and his team will work with our coaches, players and parents on a team and individual level through a series of workshops and lectures to discuss:


  • Performance Issues

  • Confidence

  • Goal Setting

  • Visualization


On a team level, Dr. Stark has one of his best protégés working with Sporting Omaha FC, Braumon Creighton, MS. Braumon will hold team sessions to increase mental strength. For select individuals, we have a Clinical Social Work/Therapist, Marcia Wragge, MS/LCSW, working with Braumon to help with our players one-on-one needs. 


Sporting Omaha FC teams can request team sessions with Braumon, In addition to these sessions, teams may request a specific team building session. Financial assistance is possible. Contact Tim Bennett at to inquire. 

Jack A. Stark

Dr. Stark served as the team psychologist (1989-2004) for the University of Nebraska Cornhusker football program. During his tenure Nebraska won 88% of its games including 3 national championships and had the highest winning percentage in the 1990s. He is in his 11th year as the team psychologist for NASCAR’s premier Hendrick Motorsports Team (winner of 5 straight national championships). He maintains a practice as a licensed clinical psychologist and has provided assistance to more than 10,000 individuals. He served on the faculty of the Nebraska Medical Center’s Departments of Psychiatry and Pediatrics as a tenured professor of medical psychology. He is founder and director of Performance Enhancement Group and consults to F-500 executives. He has made over 1,000 presentations on Leadership and Teamwork.

Braumon Creighton

Braumon graduated from the University of Nebraska-Omaha, Nebraska with a bachelor degree in Education in 2001. While at UNO, he competed in varsity wrestling and became a 4x All-American and a 2x NCAA National Champion. After graduating from UNO Braumon coached at San Francisco State University from 2001-2004 and also taught middle school PE in the city. In 2008, he earned his Masters of Science from SFSU in Kinesiology(Sports Psychology). In 2008, Braumon went to the prestigious Palo Alto Unified School District in Palo Alto, California where he taught Physical Education and coached wrestling for the last 8 years. In 2010, he was inducted into the NCAA DII Hall of Fame.  Braumon is currently in his first year as Strength Coach and Head Wrestling Coach at Papillion LaVista High School.

Marcia Wragge

In my private practice, I enjoy seeing women, men, couples, teens, and young adults. I have training in psychodynamic psychotherapy and am comfortable treating people struggling with a variety of life's dilemmas, including: depression; anxiety; mood disorders; trauma; grief; ADHD; and life stage, gay and lesbian, and communication issues. I have been a psychotherapist in the Omaha area since 1996. My first masters degree is in speech/language pathology (SLP). I have been an SLP for 30 years, working in the public schools for 13 years. To me, psychotherapy and speech/language are the perfect blend.


I believe teenagers are one of the most underutilized natural resources in our society. As a psychotherapist & SLP, I am interested in the message people are trying to express. I work with teens and parents to decode what's trying to be conveyed so understanding can happen.


Unique services I offer include; advocacy work in the schools for people seeking appropriate services for students, psychotherapy for people who stutter or have communication disorders, and intervention for students having educational issues, including underperformance and school phobia. I also see athletes who have underlying issues affecting their athletic performance.

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