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Club Merger FAQs

Updated June 1, 2021

  1. What prompted the merger between Capitol Soccer Association (Lincoln) and Sporting Omaha FC?
    The largest youth soccer club in Omaha and the oldest youth soccer club in Lincoln (founded in 1980) join forces to become the premier youth soccer club in the State. From the beginning, Capital Soccer Association and Sporting Omaha FC have placed player development as the top priority, seeking to provide the best player experience possible, from the training environment to the game environment. This shared mission – player development above all else – brings our clubs together to leverage our resources in support of players, coaches, and families. This merger is about offering something bigger and better than both clubs had before. Together we can create an unparalleled player and coach experience and give players, coaches, and parents in both markets more flexibility, more access, and more opportunity.

  2. Will the clubs retain their unique names and identities?
    No, this will be one unified nonprofit organization in geographically dispersed markets and a new name. We are one club, one community with one vision and one passion, and we are dedicated to serving our players and their families through our combined coaching talent, facilities, and affiliations.
    One of the greatest affiliations is that with Sporting KC. The player and coaching development opportunities are exponential. Plus, the brand association helps to raise awareness and recognition for our club locally, regionally, and nationally.

  3. When is the merger official/effective?
    The merger is effective on July 1, 2021 and the new name will be announced at club-wide events the week of June 1st.

  4. How will the merger affect the player's experience?
    In general, there should be no real difference or disturbance in your child’s soccer experience compared to the current or previous seasons. The overall experience will be enhanced by the collaboration between the coaches and players in each community via increased guest playing opportunities, supplemental training environments, and the expansion of our coaching network.

  5. How will the merger affect the coaches?
    The merger will expand the overall quality and quantity of the coaching staff; however, the coaching staff will not be formally integrated, and coaches will operate in their respective communities. Additionally, the merger creates more opportunities for coaching development, another top priority of our club. The better the coaching, the better the environment for the player.

  6. How will the merger affect the club pricing structure?
    The pricing for the 2022 season is currently being developed. In addition to the merger, pricing last season (for Sporting Omaha FC) was affected by the pandemic and special discounts were offered. For the upcoming season, our objective is to develop a pricing structure that is consistent regardless of where the player trains and plays.

    Pricing for the 2022 season will be communicated as soon as it is available. There will be registration fees, which covers league, training, etc., and tournaments and indoor leagues will be a separate cost that will be paid specifically to the player’s team or group.

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