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Sporting Omaha FC Soccer Club

Character Codes

Coaching with Character

TEACH players age appropriate soccer and life skills

Demonstrate and teach Tactical, Technical, Psychological and Physical soccer skills
Speak of and reinforce character developing life skills (hard work, honesty, etc.)


Maintain good communication with players and parents
Manage your team(s) and team managers effectively


Encourage strict adherence to Club values and conduct policies for coaches, players and parents
Truth and transparency are productive, never assume or leave doubt

MODEL ideal behavior

Dress, act and communicate like a professional coach
Use proper conduct with players, parents, opponents and officials


Have a practice plan catered around goals and objectives
Keep players busy and avoid idle time

PRAISE in public

“Catch” players being good - help them connect appropriate behavior with desired outcomes
Praise the players often while offering productive reinforcement to the ratio of 3 to 1, being positive reinforcement

CORRECT misbehavior

Communicate expectations, be consistent and stick to tolerance levels
Address misbehavior promptly and give age appropriate consequences when necessary.


You are privileged to have the opportunity to have a positive, lasting impact on the lives of many children. Always look to improve your coaching ability and enhance the overall experience for everyone involved. If we focus and commit ourselves to the character development of players and parents while applying our skills and knowledge, success will follow. Have fun and never do anything that would diminish the spirit of the game!

RESPECT your Club

Fellow coaches
All players at all levels

Playing with Character

LISTEN to your coach

Stop what you are doing, make eye contact and listen to your coach when they are speaking
Make an effort to concentrate on what is being said and learn from your coaches

FOLLOW the coach’s instructions

Listen to your coach the entire time they are providing instruction
Do what your coach asks immediately and with energy, ask if you don’t understand

 ACCEPT coaching as it makes you better

Follow your coach’s instruction without hesitation or talking back
If you feel frustrated, visit with your coach at an appropriate time

 Get along with your TEAMMATES

Make positive comments toward your teammates and avoid negative comments
Ignore irritating behaviors and encourage participation at all levels


Do everything to the best of your ability and challenge yourself
Always hustle and stay on task, avoiding horseplay with teammates

 RESPECT your opponents and referee’s

Play within the rules of the game and don’t trash talk an opponent or referee
Ignore Unsportsmanlike behavior from opponents and do not respond to it

 Be PREPARED for practices and games

Being prepared is your responsibility, pack your equipment and jerseys well ahead of time
Show up on time ready to play to the best of your ability

 Win with CLASS and lose with DIGNITY

Act appropriately regardless of the final score of the game
Don’t brag or boast when winning and don’t make excuses when losing

RESPECT your club, facilities and coaches

Treat your coaches, families and facilities with respect and always clean-up after yourself
Learn from every opportunity and challenge you face

Parenting with Character

MODEL appropriate behavior

Cheer for your team and not against the opponent
Never yell at an official or question a call on the field

Leave the coaching to the coaches and SUPPORT then in their efforts

Support your player with positive reinforcement but leave the coaching and soccer education to the coach
Thank you coach by practicing good communication skills and by supporting them

PRAISE and COMPLIMENT your child and avoid criticism

Support your player with positive reinforcement and encouragement
Allow adequate time and space for the player to decompress

Place the RESPONSIBILITY of getting ready and being prepared for practice of games on the player

Have your player show-up on time with the proper equipment and attire
Communicate any schedule conflicts with coaches and managers well ahead of time


Wait 24 hours after a practice or competition before addressing a coach with questions
Calmly state your concerns, listen to the coaches answers, and keep an open mind while respecting their authority as the decision maker


Praise the player immediately after a contest, regardless of a win or loss
Encourage players to always give 100 percent and show respect

BE ENGAGED in your club

Donate Time, Talent or Treasure; parent volunteers help keep a club running
Take an interest in the parents and other players on your team, be a team player

Problem solve any issues your child has WITH COACHES

Stay neutral and avoid making negative comments about the coach
Teach your player how to be an advocate for themselves directly with the coach

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