Smart GEN Society

Smart GEN Society is excited to partner with Sporting Omaha Football Club to improve your communication on and off the pitch. We work with student athletes, parents, and coaches to educate how to develop winning strategies for excellent team communication and to remain safe on social media.

Smart GEN Society works with area teams in transitioning to the new sports year with our unique team development workshop. Each workshop is led by a certified SGS Facilitator. Teams learn winning strategies to bring their teammates together like never before. Strategies include: Communication, Respect, Responsibility, and Trust. We also discuss healthy social media branding and goal setting.


We will tackle some of the toughest topics in being a student athlete today, such as:

  • Managing Expectations

  • Finding Balance

  • Handling Pressure

  • Facing Injury

  • Overcoming Perfection

  • Digital Citizenship


Team developments are held on-sight. To reserve your date, contact us today.


About SGS:

Our Mission: Empowering Smart choices in a digital world.


Our Goal:

We aim to reduce digital-based anxiety, prevent peer and predator exploitation, and ensure our communities remain safe.  


We do this by:   

  1. Igniting critical thinking skills and inspiring today’s youth to be safe, private, and authentic on their digital devices.  

  2. Providing support, education, and information to encourage caregivers to be actively engaged in their children’s online activities.   

  3. Collaborating with public and private schools, community-based organizations, and local businesses.  We provide today's leaders with the tools and resources necessary to manage a constantly changing digital environment.  


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