Coach Spotlight: JJ Zekpa


A lot of people always ask me what my name “JJ” stands for. JJ stands for Jean-Jacques. I was born and raised in Togo, West Africa. I have 2 sisters, one older and younger, making me the middle child. I also enjoy being an uncle to my four-year old niece, Zada, my nephew, Zane, who is almost 5 months old now. Growing up in Togo, I played a lot of soccer. I played mainly small-sided games in the streets with neighborhood friends. I was out of the house playing every chance that I got, whether it was with cleats, tennis shoes, or even barefoot. We all just had this love for the game from such a young age. My family and I moved to the states when I was 11. Before moving to the states I didn’t speak English. I spoke French and Mina which is an African dialect. Adapting to a new culture and not really knowing anybody or how to speak decent English was tough for the first few years in the states. We lived in Chicago for one year before moving to Omaha. I attended and graduated from Millard South High where I was a 3-year varsity soccer player and all state player my senior year. I went on to play soccer at the University of Nebraska, Omaha (UNO) in 2