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Players With Character

Being a Player with Character is a top honor at Sporting Nebraska. Congratulations to all our players nominated. What makes you a Player with Character? Read below and find out what your teammates wrote.

Jackson Waldron, SOFC 01/02 Elite - Jackson can be funny, serious, smart, witty, and everything in between. He is just someone with good vibes and a strong character.


Gavin McIntosh, SOFC 03 Gold - He is a leader and a great teammate, he always brings out the best in us; he is a great leader and is always making everyone smile


Isaac Oneal, SOFC 03 Gold - He’s motivated, determined, positive and a really good player


Mitchell Baird, SOFC 04 Elite Boys - He is a solid player, always positive, a good teammate and just a good guy in general.


Denny Chapman, SOFC 05 B Elite - Denny's work ethic, leadership, and accountability are as good as I have seen. His contributions to the team are always positive and he is always an asset to both our training and game environments.


Elise Secrest, SOFC 05 DA - She is always so nice to everyone, and she has the best work ethic ever. She always pushes herself and others to be the best they can be

Taryn Petrik, SOFC 05 Gold - She always has a great attitude towards practice and. Games win or loose she always tells everyone they did great! She sticks up for our team and really tries her best at everything! My favorite part about her being on my team is she is such a nice person and she pushed my to try harder every day. She is a great person to be around and she has really raised the team with her commitment and her attitude towards the game!


Casey Sanden, SOFC 05 Gold - She come to every practice and game with a positive attitude and is always ready to play. Also, she encourages others on and off the field and makes a positive impact on the team.


Hannah Churchill, SOFC 06 DA - She is always ready to play and comes with a winning attitude. She also motivates our team and keeps everyone’s heads up.


Cole Essner, SOFC 06 Elite - He has good work ethic, puts in time outside of practice and is always willing to help others


Brayden Shepard, SOFC 06 Elite Boys - He’s a good person and is positive even when hard things are happening in his family.


GG Gagliolo, SOFC 06 Elite Girls - She is always an encouraging teammates in a positive way and is a good leader. She deals with her frustrations well and never makes another player feel badly for a mistake. Always giving her best effort.


Libby Shotkoski, SOFC 06 Gold - I feel like Libby is an SOFC Player with Character because she shows good leadership but also is a kind, caring person. She is kind to everyone and is willing to help people out. I notice that many people look up to her for advice.


Carter Guthrie, SOFC 07 Elite - He is very hardworking and is never negative. Even if we are down, he finds a way to cheer the team up.


Jori Banks, SOFC 07 Girls Elite - I was playing on a new team this year with mostly new players that I had never played with before and Jori made me feel welcome and included. She works hard and is always nice to everyone.


Chloe Price, SOFC 07 Girls Elite - Chloe is always nice to everyone and she is always working hard.


Kalaya Catron, SOFC 08 Elite - I have always looked up to her and her personality is just uplifting and will always help me with my problems.


Blu Keiper, SOFC 08 girls Elite - She works hard every time she steps on that field and is a good person


Jacob Simpson, SOFC 08 Silver - in 18-19Jacob works hard every second to improve on the soccer field, he does not give up or make excuses despite asthma, and his family has taken in extra children who need a place to stay. Jacob gave up clothes and space as asked.


Harper Knutsen, SOFC 08 Gold - She is always trying her best and reminds us to do that to. She is always so kind to everyone and makes us laugh a lot.


Kiera Moylan, SOFC 09 Black - I think that she is an SOFC player with character because she encourages others to work their hardest every game and never give up.She is also really nice to everyone and makes all of feel like a big family


Evelynne Ward, SOFC 09 Elite  - She has great effort and sportsmanship


Hadley Hill, SOFC 2001 Girls Elite - Hadley always put in 100% effort, even when she was exhausted. She never have any excuses, and always was there for her teammates on and off the field.


Jessica Kozol, SOFC 2003 DA - Jessica always brings a positive attitude to practice, which brings everyone else up. I know I can count on her whether it’s on or off the field. She is a hard worker who tackles every drill and game with 100% effort.

Maria Mcleay, SOFC 05 DA - She is super supportive and nice to everyone around her


Chloe Karasek, SOFC 2003 Elite - She always has a good attitude when coming to practice and shes always ready to get the team pumped up for games. She is also always there for you if your struggling with something.


Tyler Reelfs, SOFC 2004 Black - Leads the team

Asim Adhikari, SOFC 2004 Boys Elite - Asim is not only a great player, but he is also one of the best people out there. He cares about the game and everyone around him. He respects all his teammates, and also his opponents.


Trent Merkel, SOFC 2005 Boys Gold - He is disciplined and dedicated to playing


Kaden Simpson, SOFC 2005 Gold Boys - He is a good team leader, positive, and kind.


Peter Westling, SOFC 2007 Elite - Peter works hard in practice. He puts in extra time outside of practice. He treats other players with respect and is always positive. He motivates others to work harder and get better. He is a great friend and teammate.


Adeline Bosiljevac, SOFC 2007 Pre-DA - Adeline is funny, a leader, and a team player. She is always positive!


Jude VanBelle, SOFC 2008 Elite - Kind to everyone


Phoebe Barb, SOFC 2008 Gold - She is always focused and she is very determined as well as she gives us tips on and off the field and she is overall just a great friend


Paxton Eisenman, SOFC 2009 B Elite - Because he talks a lot during games to help us win


Evelyn Jones, SOFC 2010 -U10 Silver - Evelyn's is fun, funny, smart, and a great goalie.


Michaela O'Flynn, SOFC 2010 Academy Gold - She is always encouraging, tries her hardest in games and practice, she's a good teammate, and she listens to our coach.


Karen Lichtenberg, SOFC 2010G Academy Silver - When the worst things happen Karen finds something positive to say. I got scored on and was upset. Karen came up to me and said “Even the best goalies let some goals through.”
She listens to Coach Vish and reminds me to listen sometimes too. She is always hard working and even when she is tired she will try as hard as she can to go score a goal. She is very respectful and doesn’t laugh when other people mess up and the rest of the team laughs. She is a good player and is fun to play with.


Evan Lichtenberg, SOFC B 08 Elite - He is a quiet leader and a hard worker. He is teachable and kind.


Ocean Scherlizin, SOFC DA 04 - She brings her all to practice and games.


Claire Leight, SOFC Elite 06 - She is amazing and kind


Lily Bates, SOFC Elite 07 Girls - Supportive team player on and off the field


Kinsley O’Mara, SOFC Elite 09 Girls - Positive attitude


Brianna Buscher, SOFC G 06 Elite - She works hard and has a great attitude and is teachable and a good friend


Chloe Price, SOFC Girls 07 Elite - Chloe makes sure everyone is ready for training or a game. Chloe is a great friend and teammate because she is so nice and a great goalkeeper, and makes sure everyone stays on task during training. And when I read the email, Chloe was the first person that came to mind.


Evie Mangels, SOFC Girls 2010 Gold - She is always positive and encouraging of others. She works hard at practice.


Ashley Somers, SOFC Girls Elite 01 - She is always positive on the field and is committed to practices and games.


Sam Worthington, SOFC Gold 08 Boys - Sam welcomed me to the team and made me feel comfortable right away. He is always giving his best during practice and games. Sam also does a good job of cheering the team on and staying positive in tough situations.


Elena Simpson, SOFC 03 Elite Girls - She is always positive on the field and gives 100% effort no matter what.


Maggie Smiley, SOFC ‘09 Elite - Maggie always shows up to practice with a good attitude and is kind to every player and coach. She is a leader and is a helpful teammate to everyone.


Reagan Boex, SOFC 01 Elite - She is always positive and works very hard.


Campbell Rogers, SOFC 01/02 DA - I have never met someone that better represents the club than Campbell Rogers. She always acts with character on and off the field, leading and guiding others to achieve to their best abilities. Her dedication to this club and her teammates shows her character through and through. Campbell’s personality, her knowledge, and her drive is what makes her the best person for the SOFC Player with Character award.


Elena Simpson, SOFC 03 Elite - She is hardworking and she is kind to everyone on the team. She always cheers people up and puts a smile on their face.


Tyler Reelfs, SOFC 04 Black - Always encouraging, first one to congratulate on a goal, respectful to coach


Sydney Beaudin, SOFC 04 Elite - She is always at practices and games working hard


Cole Kirschner, SOFC 04 Gold - He is a very hardworking and nice teammate. He is never disrespectful to anyone and always positive especially on how you played. He provides lots of team energy.


Cal Clayton, SOFC 05 Black - Because he is a great player and is nice person who plays the game with good sportsman ship. He is always focused during practice and has a great work ethic.


Aya Khayati, SOFC 05 Gold - she always brings light to the team when we arent playing well. she knows how to make everyone laugh

Casey Sanden, SOFC 05 Gold - She always shows up to practice with positive energy ready to play and get better.She is really great person on and off the field.She is always encouraging our teammates and helps boost the mood when anybody is feeling down or we are losing.


Kalan Pearson, SOFC 08 boys Silver - Because he is kind and works hard. He is never mean or rude to any of his teammates. He always roots for all of us and wants us all to do well. I am thankful to have Kalan on my team!!


Piper Morehead, SOFC Girls 09 - Piper is a great teammate and works hard. She keeps a positive attitude on the field and keeps her head in the game. She is respectful to players, coaches, and officials.


Colleen Coffey, SOFC Academy 2011G - Colleen is a great teammate.


Kade Olbrich, SOFC B 07 Elite - Good teammate, better person...


Luke Scott, SOFC Boys 08 Silver - Luke always comes to practice or a game smiling. It makes the rest of us smile. He always wants other people and himself to improve. He always works hard and is a great team player. I am very thankful Luke is on my team.


Taya Baker, SOFC DA 03 - She is always positive and represents the team with class.


Elise Secrest, SOFC DA 05 - She is always hustling.


Maggie Turner, SOFC DA 06 - she is always giving her best effort and always trying at practice and is on task.


Reagan Boe, SOFC Elite 01 - Reagan always comes to practice, makes everyone laugh, and has a good attitude. She is kind to everyone and tries her best everyday.


Abbi Durow, SOFC Elite 08 - She is a hard worker, always works on her game, very nice, kind, and competitive outside of soccer and inside soccer. She is very coachable and follows directions. Abbi never gives up and keeps going with positive thoughts and energy.


Sam, SOFC Gold 03 - Because he’s always encouraging and hardworking on the field


Grace Alff, SOFC Gold 05 - She always compliments you during practice and games, and is always there for anyone during any practice or game.


Casey Sanden, SOFC 05 Gold Girls - In my two years working with this group, Casey has been the definition of an excellent teammate. She gives her all every day, she craves instruction and does everything that she can to improve her skills. On top of all of this, Casey is the nicest young lady on a team of great young women. I would be proud to have my own daughter turn out just like Casey Sanden.


Blaize Beller, SOFC 08 Elite - Blaize works incredibly hard, is a fantastic defender, and a great leader.


Abigail Vaughan, SOFC 01 Elite - She is a great leader and I look up to her immensely. She is a great player and always plays her hardest.


Paxton Eisman, SOFC U11 Elite - He is always helpful and positive on and off the feild.


Trevor Alonso, SOFC U9 Boys Academy - He is very responsible, listens to others, aways encouraging his teammates, leads by example on and off the field, and brings a positive attitude each day to the field.


Kyler Harner, SOFC U9 B Silver - He supports the team and makes the team better. He makes good decisions and always tries his best. He does not give up and he is a good leader.

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