Due to standing water on the fields the rest of the the Labor Day Invite has been canceled.

Tournament Weather Policy

In the event of inclement weather this weekend, we will update coaches and team managers via email, text and the tournament homepage. Please pass along all communication to your teams. 

It is possible that weather conditions may lead to stoppages in play. Games will not be stopped due to rain unless it is a severe downpour and / or there is standing water on the fields. In the event of lightning in the area, we will utilize airhorns to notify teams and spectators to vacate the fields. Games will be stopped for 30 min from the last lightning strike.

The following procedures will be used for weather delays:

1. If a delay occurs while the game is in progress and the game cannot be restarted before the start of the next scheduled game, then the score of that game will be considered final. This is regardless of the length of time that the game has been played. 

2. If conditions prevent a game from being played at all, the game will be listed as a 1-1 tie.

3. If a game can be started during its scheduled time, referees will be instructed to ensure that the following game starts on time. The game will be shortened accordingly. 

4. If a game can be restarted during its scheduled period, it will also be shortened to ensure that the next game starts on time. 

While we are hopeful that all games will be played and completed as scheduled, we want to ensure that all teams are aware of these procedures which may be utilized this weekend.


Karl Ostrand
Tournament Director